FAQs for the Canadian ELD Mandate

What is the purpose of an ELD?

ELD is short for Electronic Logging Device. An ELD is hardware that connects to the truck’s engine control module (ECM). It tracks Hours of Service (HOS) compliance, mandating both drivers and companies to adhere to the strict rules put in place for the safety and health of those on the road. The days of recording hours manually with a paper log are long gone.  ELDs remove recording errors and illegal manipulation of driving hours.

What is the Canadian ELD mandate and why is it required?

The Canadian ELD mandate requires that most fleets in Canada and the U.S. move away from using paper logs to electronic logs to track the driver’s hours.The mandate also will require a third party to certify ELD devices for an extra layer of security. This will mean safer roads and fewer injuries.

Who is exempt from the Canadian ELD mandate?

There are four main exemptions from the new rules and guidelines. Commercial motor vehicles will be exempt if:

  • Operating under a permit from a provincial or territorial HOS director
  • Have a statutory exemption
  • Subject to a rental agreement with terms being under 30 days
  • The vehicle was manufactured before 2000

When does the ELD Mandate take effect?

June 2021, though it is our recommendation that you get an ELD working for you as soon as possible. The Guardian eLog ELD is being developed first and foremost as a fully compliant dedicated electronic logging device. We have worked every single step of the way with the Technical Standard for Electronic Logging Devices as our roadmap to ensure that our product will meet and exceed expectations every step of the way.

Is a mechanic required for installation?

No. The Guardian Elog installation is an easy plug and play. The ELD unit sits on top of the docking station.

What comes in the Guardian Elog packaging?

Please refer to the Guardian Elog Quick Guide for more information. 

ELD Tablet
Docking Station with docking harness
Tablet Mount
ELD Harness
USB Cord
x2 Hex Pan Head Screws 3/4″
x2 Pan-Head Screws 3/4″