Are You Ready For the ELD Mandate?

The Guardian Elog has been designed as a mobile technology platform that provides a comprehensive solution for your electronic driving logging needs. It has been engineered to be fully compliant with government certification requirements.

Our device communicates directly with your engines computer to provide with the most accu- rate data available.

Key Features

GPS Tracking

Secure Backups

Vehicle Activity Monitoring


Integrated Two-Way Communications System

Automatic Jurisdiction | Fuel Tax Recognition Acknowledgement

Why Choose us?

Diesel Tech Industries Ltd. is a trusted and well established company with over 20 years in the transport industry technology field. Our in-house engineering and real world expertise is backed up by the best customer service.

The Guardian Elog was developed with your fleet in mind. Our ELD provides many benefits to carriers and drivers. With endless options, the system was engineered to fit your requirements and is capable of being integrated with your transport management system.  


Vehicle Activity Monitoring

The information is being pulled directly from the engine. The drive time, off duty time, yard time, loading time etc. Information is gathered directly from the vehicle’s electronic communications system (typically CAN bus in newer equipment). 

Expert Engineering

The Guardian Elog Electronic logging device has been fully designed and engineered inhouse by our technical experts. We are working alongside people with practical industry know how. Our equipment is proprietary and we don’t rely on the off shelf third party components. 

Stand Alone Tablet

The Guardian Elog is a self contained system. Users won’t have to rely on using their personal mobile device. This means not having to rely on your users having a compatible device that they control the permissions of. Instead, you would have a dedicated unit where and when they need it. 

Secure Data

Your device is backed up through a secure cloud based system and also physically stored on the device. Data is accessible 24/7 on multiple platforms. 


There are pricing options available for any fleet. Any of our dedicated sales specialists will work with you to ensure that we find the right solution for your organization. 

Easy Transition

Guardian Elog wants this to be a painless transition to a paperless log for our entire fleet. Guardian Elog was designed to be user friendly while still being fleet compliant with the ELD mandate. The device will generate the hours and kms driven. Inspections are faster with reports that are easy to read. There result is completed with perfect accuracy because the mileage is accessed direction from the vehicles computer vs gps approximation. 

Canadian Owned and Operated